Chatham Clay Studio

Firing your imagination
About the studio

Welcome to your Chatham Clay Studio


The Chatham Clay Studio is a new community clay studio in Pittsboro for all No. Chatham residents young and old. 


More than a year in the making, Chatham Clay Studio is responding to the community's constant call for a clay studio in No. Chatham.


The studio is bringing a much wanted and anticipated full-service pottery studio to our community. And will grow as our community grows with additional space and class offerings over the coming years.


Initial offerings include "A Day with Clay" one day workshops and 8 week classes in wheel techniques, handbuilding, sculpture and after school and homeschool classes for kids and teens.


For more information and to register for classes, take a few minutes to look over the class schedules on the website. And feel free to get in touch anytime with questions and suggestions on how we can make this studio a great experience for all in North Chatham and beyond!

Thanks for visiting. Do stay in touch and spread the word!

Stan Cheren