- Classes will resume the week of July 6th!! -

We're working on rearranging the studio now to keep you and others safe.

In the next weeks we'll announce the new class schedules and extend invitations to those whose classes were interrupted. And we'll hold classes to a maximum of 6 students. A new set of studio guidelines will be going out to all shortly also. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and still have a fun and productive time together again.

So stay tuned. We'll keep you posted with our weekly Monday Monday newsletters.

Take care and stay safe!


In the meantime...

So what’s to do in this downtime to keep the creative juices flowing and to avoid going bonkers? Our first suggestion is to direct you to the “Links” tab on our website, where we have a number of wonderful videos of some of the best potters of all time for inspiration.


And, if you’ll click on the top link that says “Looking for lots of new ideas to try? Click Here!” you’ll discover a treasure trove of new ideas to try in the studio - or at home on the kitchen table or in your home studio.

Questions? Call or email me at 919.259.2665 or ranchopark@gmail.com


Take care, stay safe and wash your paws!!