Chatham Clay Studio 
Covid 19 Policy  

As we continue to live, work, and play with Covid-19 normal, the staff of Chatham Clay Studio have safety as our top priority. We strive to keep our studio a safe and healthy creative environment.


●      Face masks should be properly worn (covering nose and mouth) at all times in the studio.  

        If you feel you need a break from your face mask please step outside for some fresh air.


●      Classes are maximum of 10 people. Everyone will respect the social distancing rule.

        Be respectful of that distance when using the sink area and glazing areas


●      Everyone will be mindful of high trafficked areas including the restrooms.

●      Where possible, students are to supply their own tools, aprons and towels. If they use studio supplies then

        clean them thoroughly and return to their original space.


●      Students will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning their workspace - wheels, tables, glaze areas -  at the          end of class with cleaning supplies provided by the studio. 

●      If you are sick, please stay home. For the safety and protection of everyone around you.  

We realize our current reality presents us with new challenges, but by working together we will overcome these and will continue to be a strong, caring and creative community. It’s our goal to keep everyone safe and still have a fun and productive time together again!

Thanks - See you in the studio!