Chatham Clay Studio 
Covid 19 Changes  

As we learn to live, work, and play in this new Covid-19 normal, the staff of Chatham Clay Studio has worked diligently to develop new procedures for the studio with safety as our top priority. We have made the following changes to keep our studio a safe and healthy creative environment.


●      Everyone entering the studio will clean their hands at the station provided in the gallery.


●      Everyone will properly wear a face mask for the entire time in the studio.

        If you feel you need a break from your face mask please step outside for some fresh air.


●      Everyone will respect the social distancing rule.

        The studio has been rearranged to create workspaces that are 6 feet apart
        and the sink area has been sectioned off to allow one person at the sink a time.


●      Everyone will be mindful of high trafficked areas including the restrooms and take steps
        to limit the spread of germs by wiping up after themselves with supplies provided by the studio.
        This includes wiping toilet seats, faucet handles, door knobs, etc.


●      Students will provide their own small tools, towels, aprons etc. to limit the sharing of studio tools.


●      Students will be responsible for thoroughly cleaning their workspace - wheels, tables, glaze areas -  at the          end of class with cleaning supplies provided by the studio. Please do not leave things in the sink.
        Tidy them back to their original space.


We realize our current reality presents us with new challenges, but by working together we will overcome these and will continue to be a strong, caring and creative community. It’s our goal to keep everyone safe and still have a fun and productive time together again!

Thanks - See you in the studio!