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Chatham Clay Studio

Firing your imagination
Historic Instructors 
we all stand on their shoulders

Instructor for large experimental handbuilding forms

Peter Voulkos

Instructor for small and large closed forms and exotic glazes

Toshiko Takaezu

Instructor for traditional English pottery and treadle wheel

Bernard Leach

Instructor for traditional Japanese pottery forms

Shoji Hamada
Our Instructors 
who will raise us all higher
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"Ceramic Sculpture and Hand Building"
and "A Day with Clay". 
Debbie Englund
Hamish and Ruth.jpg
"Flower Pots Intensive"
Apprentice with Mark Hewitt, Pittsboro
Hamish Jackson
Instructor for "A Day with Clay - Wheel Fundamentals" and "Beginning Wheel Throwing".
Lara O'Keefe
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Studio Owner & Manager, Instructor for "A Day with Clay - Wheel and Handbuilding" 
Stan Cheren