You just made pot!


The poof blocks I made have rounded bottom edges, more rounded than in the video.

This helps avoid sharp turns at the bottom which might cause drying problems (but does change the look of the bottom slightly).


Each kit comes with a square and a triangular block plus a 3" dowel. If you find that your clay was not quite dry enough and the sides of your poofed piece are starting to sag back to flat, the dowel can help.


Put the dowel into the handle of the poof block you used, then put the block back into the piece you made with it. Invert the piece with block so it is upside down on the block. Use the other block as a stable base, putting the other end of the dowel into its handle. This way the piece can dry inverted and held in the block shape.


If your clay is too wet you may end up with a more pronounced droop in your sides - but that may also make a deeper and more attractive piece, who knows?


Have fun with this idea!

Arthur Jolin


Roll out a 1/4" slab and cut larger than the poof block.
Roll a texture onto the cut out slab
or impress a texture with lace etc.
Place the cut and textured slab
on a piece of foam or 2 big sponges and press down.
"POOF" you have made a beautiful small serving tray!
The process is the same for all of our Poof Blocks
that can be used in the studio or at home.