Chatham Clay Studio

Firing your imagination



The studio stocks clay and glazes for our members.

Highwater and Starworks clays for both cone 5-6 stoneware and cone 06 low-fire.

The Starworks clay processing room in Star, NC.



We'll also stock a small supply of pottery tools for your use.

The Kemper Clay Tool Kit


is available from the shop for only $19.95. Just send an email and we'll send back an invoice and hold the tools at the shop for you to pick up. And always to special order clays, glazes and tools as needed.

Speckled Brownstone Cone 6
Little Loafers
cone 6

Highwater Clays

We stock Highwater's  Little Loafer's, Speckled Brownstone, Earthern Red and Stan's Red clays for purchase in the studio. All are available in 25 lb. bags and priced at $25/bag.

They are available from the website and will be held for you to pick up at the studio.

Send us an email and tell us the clay you want to buy and the amount. We'll send back a PayPal invoice. You can also bring a check or cash to the studio.

Earthen Red cone 06 - 4
Stan's Red  cone 06 - 02