Chatham Clay Studio

Firing your imagination



The studio stocks clay and glazes for our members.

Highwater and Starworks clays for both cone 5-6 stoneware and cone 06 low-fire.

The Starworks clay processing room in Star, NC.


We'll also stock a small supply of pottery tools for your use.

The Kemper Clay Tool Kit

is available from the shop for only $19.95.


Pottery Project Book
80 Project Sheets to record your ideas and designs for the future. Available in the studio break room.

"Seize the Clay"
Speckled Brownstone
Cone 6
Little Loafers
Cone 6
Earthen Red cone 06 - 4

Highwater Clays

We stock Highwater's  Little Loafer's, Speckled Brownstone, Earthern Red and Stan's Red clays for purchase in the studio. All are available in 25 lb. bags and priced at $25/bag.

Stan's Red  cone 06 - 02